• Don't Break Your Back Removing a Broken Kingpin

  • Get To Know The Twins, Your Skateboard's Trucks

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  •   While shopping for a longboard, knowing these terms can help make selecting your first deck a lot easier. " scrolling="no" vspace="0" width="468" id="aswift_0" name="aswift_0" style="left:0;position:absolute;top:0;">       For more information about skateboard wheels and bearing spacers check out this detailed
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  • Can you name all the parts of a skateboard truck? See which ones you don't know.
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  • With more skaters hearing that ABEC does not specifically apply to skateboarding, is there no surprise that more brands are currently promoting "Swiss" bearings? What is a Swiss
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  • A variety of lubricants are available for skateboard bearings, but only a few are adequate. The right oil improves bearing operation and extends its useful life. Because bearings
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  • Rubber seals and metal shields are known as closures and provide an important functionality, which is to keep bearings well lubricated and protected from contaminants. There are three types of bearing
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  • See why some trucks are heavier than others by how much material is used in these areas.
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  • Skateboard bearings are assembled using 5 different parts, but not every bearing uses the same type of parts.  There are variations between bearing balls, ball retainer, and closures (seals
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  •   Around 2005 Dwindle Distribution released a catalog which featured an article titled The Concept Of Balancing. The article explains in detail how "by tuning the individual components
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agenda longbeach 2013

AGENDA 2013 - Premiere streetwear and action sports trade show - JAN. 4

harvest jamThe Harvest Jam

The Harvest Jam Presented by ExpiditionOne at Skatepark of Tampa is an all ages open street park competition. - NOV 10.


skatepark of tampa tmb

Tampa Am 2012

Annual Top Am contest held @ Skatepark Of Tampa - DEC. 6-9

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Bohrd "Light Decks" Release - LightBohrd presents the world's first head light/tail light deck designed for communters and...

classic hawkBones Brigade Classic Reissue Decks

To celebrate the release of his new film "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography", Stacy Peralta has reissued some classic designs and opened the vaults...


The LaGrange L1

The LaGrange L1 is a universal motorized skate truck offered by RedRock Boardshop which is compatible with most decks and wheels...

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skaters for public skateparks

Skaters For Public Skateparks - SPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing communities with information that leads to better skateparks...

skatehouseSkate House

Last year, Francois Perrin, an architect in Los Angeles, was approached with an intriguing proposition...


bones brigade documentary

Vans Presents "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography"

"Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" is the true story of a group of talented misfit skateboarders who turned the world of skateboarding on its head in the '80s...

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