Remove a Broken Kingpin Bolt

remove broken skateboard truck kingpin boltA truck's kingpin bolt is what holds the hanger/axle of the truck to the base plate, making it one unit.  When stress is applied continuously through skateboarding a kingpin can eventually break.  Kingpin bolts can be replaced, and new bolts can be purchased at a skateboard shop for about $2.  By replacing a kingpin bolt you can save yourself the trouble of buying a completely new truck, which is significantly more expensive.  

skateboard kingpin in socket

Some shops will not replace the kingpin for you.  Surprisingly, a shop may not want to provide extra service to its customers, or they don't know exactly how to remove a kingpin bolt from a truck baseplate.  The following should make removing a broken kingpin a simple job.  

If you happen to have a hollow kingpin that is broken in the baseplate, and you live in the United States, please contact us.  We may want to exchange your broken truck for a new replacement truck absolutely FREE.



  • Hammer
  • Deep socket (big enough for the new kingpin to fit into)
  • File (if the broken end of the kingpin is outside the baseplate)
  • Duct tape (optional)

Individual sockets can be purchased at an auto-parts store for about $3-6. Take a kingpin with you. You may want to get two sockets so you have something to hammer down the new kingpin with.  The second socket should be about the same diameter as the kingpin head. See the image in step 5 for details.

 Replacement parts:

replacement kingpin parts

  • Kingpin (for longboard trucks be, sure to get the right length)
  • Pivot cup bushing (if needed)
  • Bushings (if needed)
  • Kingpin washers (if needed)

All bushings, including the pivot cup bushing, and washers should all be inspected to see if they need to be replaced.  Bushings can add stress to a kingpin and cause it to break.  You could be applying the same stress to the new kingpin if the bushings are bad. Check for wear on the bushings.  Replace the washers if they are dented or deformed. 

It does require some muscle power to hammer out a broken kingpin bolt and hammer in a new one. If you're not an adult, or lack some muscle, you may need someone who has the strength to hit the kingpin hard enough. 

Broke Kingpin Inside The Baseplate:

When a kingpin is broken inside the baseplate, it can be very difficult to get it out. This is especially true for hollow kingpins. The reason for its difficulty is that the broken edge of the kingpin has deformed and lodged itself into the baseplate. It will take extra force to get the kingpin out... a lot of force.  Contact us we may want to replace your truck for FREE.

Broke Kingpin Sticking Outside The Baseplate:

If your kingpin broke outside of the base plate, then removing it should be fairly easy.


 Steps for removing a broken kingpin bolt:

If your kingpin broke inside the baseplate skip step 1.

1. File around the broken edge of the kingpin bolt.

2. On hard ground, hammer the kingpin down until the head of the bolt is hitting the ground.
Hammer out Kingpin      Basplate with broken kingpin      baseplate side

3. On grass or soft ground, hammer the kingpin out the rest of the way using your new kingpin on top of the broken one. The soft ground allows the kingpin to come out of the bottom of the baseplate.
Hammer out kingpin 2      Kingpin hammered out

4. Push the new kingpin into place. Line up the splines of the bolt and with the grooves in the baseplate. When you push the kingpin bolt in, slightly turn the bolt until it lines up with the splines. You should be able to feel them connect.

5. Put the socket over the kingpin bolt. It's important that the kingpin be able to go all the way inside the socket as the kingpin gets hammered into the baseplate. If the socket is not long enough, the bolt will not go in all the way.
Kingpin and socket      kingpin sockets stacked

6. You can use duct tape to hold parts in place.

7. On hard ground, place the socket end on the ground. Use another socket or kingpin and place it on the head of the kingpin. Start hammering on the socket to push the kingpin bolt inside the baseplate. This requires some very hard hammering to get the kingpin in all the way. Use a piece of duct tape the socket and the ground for some traction to help keep the socket from sliding.
Hammering in Kingpin      Kingpin in baseplate


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