Dwindle Catalog Circa 2005


Dwindle Catalog Cover Experimental

Around 2005 Dwindle Distribution released a catalog which featured an article titled The Concept Of Balancing. The article explains in detail how "by tuning the individual components of a skateboard with one another, we balance it and synergetically improve its performance."

The catalog created by Dwindle Distribution, a very established distribution company, which is home to many respected brands and top pro's including, Rodney Mullen. It is clear to us that he believes in the concept, value, and improvements that a balanced skateboard provides.

This catalog featured Rodney Mullen on the cover sitting at a workbench and his feet are seen flipping a board in the article. To our knowledge, Rodney Mullen also wrote The Concept Of Balancing article.

We anticipate that the content of this catalog will serve as further proof to skateboarders at beginner level to professional level that they can benefit from the performance advantages of a balanced skateboard.


The Concept Of Balancing



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