Fix a Chipped Deck, Razor Tail, and Delamination

Fix skateboard deck razor tail    Razor tail occurs when the tail of a skateboard deck wears down thin and resembles a razor blade.  This problem can lead to loss of "pop" caused by the separation of wood layers in the deck.  The separating of deck layers is known as delamination, and when delamination occurs it can dramatically increase the chances of chips and cracks in the wood to appear. By fixing razor tail and delamination you can restore your decks pop and prolong deck life.

Tools you will need:

1. Wood clue
2. Sand paper.  (You can use old grip tape if you like.)
3. Two clamps.  (Size does not matter.)
4. Clamping calls. These can be any flat, stiff, stick. We used a metal ruler.
5. Wax paper to keep clamps and clamping calls from sticking to the deck.
6. New sheet of grip tape if you have chips and delamination.

Watch the video tutorial below for full instructions on how to fix razor tail and delamination.